1. How are we managing the financial risk?

Jessica the VP of Finance needs to make sure that the financial risk of the organization is managed with well negotiated procurement spends and a continuous inflow of revenue dictated by sales contracts. She also needs to make sure that the pricing and payment terms of high risk contracts are controlled and within the company’s limitations.

eContracts ensures that all contracts gets the attention they require from Jessica at the right time by tracing obligations, payment terms, discounts and penalties.

2. Auditing Capabilities

Jessica needs to keep a close watch on the company’s financial obligations to prevent penalties and payment delay. The financial reporting required for her to make right financial decisions has to be driven from contracts- since both selling and buying start with a contract.

Renewal and re-negotiation decisions are made much faster and easier by reviewing obligation and contract performance history. Reports and reminders on upcoming obligations from both the company and counterparty ensures predictable invoicing and payments.