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Comprehensive Contract Repository

A centralized contract repository that can store organization wide contracts, easily accessible to the whole contracts team and beyond. The contract repository allows for all types of contracts stored in one place. Master Purchase Agreements, Service agreements, Statements of Work, Lease Agreements, License agreements, Partnerships, Prime and Sub-contracts, Sales contracts, vendor contracts and many more ….Read More

Self Service Contract Wizard

To make contract creation as easy as possible, we have a contract wizard that on a self -service basis allows contract managers and even in some cases (like NDAs) allows self- service for the wider organization like sales, service and vendors. The contract wizard is dynamically setup for each type of contract defined in the ….Read More

Multiple Contract Types

The system allows the contracts group to pre-define the various standard and non-standard contract types that can be defined for the whole organization in addition to ad-hoc contracts that are stored within the system. Contract types allow the definition of milestones (like expiry of lease for a lease agreement), custom meta-data (like the leaser and ….Read More

Document Management

Several milestones, including the standard ones like Stand & End Date, Renewal Dates and ones based on Contract Types can be managed around each contract. Email reminders can be set up and sent out to users of upcoming contract milestones. Contract Documents can be automatically created using standard auto populated word templates or can be ….Read More