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How is eContractsTM install into our SharePoint environment? How does it affect any of the applications we have on SharePoint?

eContractsTM is installed using Microsoft’s recommended SharePoint Solution Packages (WSP). All features, upgrades and components are installed with a single package run by a wizard like script. Installing eContractsTM does not affect any applications that may exist in your SharePoint environment. We recommend implementing eContracts on a separate web application with it’s own content database ….Read More

We already have a database of our suppliers and customers. Can we integrate eContractsTM to reference that information?

If you are looking to integrate master data from ERP, Financial and CRM systems or other custom solutions into the eContractsTM, we can help you do so. We have a comprehensive integration methodology for integrating vendor, customer and financial data along with reference information into the eContracts system. We utilize SharePoint Business Connectivity Services, External ….Read More

As a SharePoint administrator, what level of configuration and flexibility do I have on eContractsTM?

We have taken utmost care to make sure that eContractsTM is built and implement using best practices end-to-end. IT personnel, familiar with SharePoint can extend the application with additional pages, workflow templates, list and libraries, views, reports etc.,like they would on any other SharePoint application or solution. However, care should be taken not to tamper ….Read More