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Contract Management solution Trends

resources1 Contract Management solution Trends
The contract management space is ever-evolving. Each year, new trends, best practices, ideas, and discussions are introduced by having more people in the organization involved in the contracting process, business users, sales teams, procurement offices, legal counsels, and finance departments may all have to be involved at some point for a contract’s life cycle to ….Read More

Feature Set Summary

resources Feature Set Summary
Corevo eContracts is a comprehensive contract management solution built on top of Microsoft SharePoint with full-fledged self-service features and collaboration capabilities. The solution is available based on the type of contracts your organization is looking to manage such as sales contracts, procurement/vendor contracts, project-based contracts or service based contracts. Our contract management solution caters to ….Read More

Product Editions Feature Matrix

Get a high-level overview of the different editions and related features available of the Corevo eContracts solution. This will help your organization in determining which edition makes the most sense from a feature, functionality, and budgeting standpoint. Additionally, you can start off with one of the smaller packages and add optional items on later or ….Read More