1. Search on Executed Contracts

Robert wants to find out from his existing contracts database if his upcoming procurement needs are already negotiated and contracted. He quickly needs to make a decision on which of these should undergo new sourcing processes and what can be procured from existing reliable vendors.

A quick search on the contracts repository and or viewing contracts by counterparty gives Robert a short list of contracts to analyze potential renewal and re-negotiation opportunities. Advanced search on contract documents can unearth to additional products or services already negotiated,but long forgotten.

2. Vendor Management & Performance Tracking

As the Director of Procurement, Robert needs centralized management of vendor documents like W-9 forms, Insurance certificates and regulatory approval certificates to be compliant with procurement practices. He also should be able to keep track of vendor obligations and requires periodic performance feedback from project teams.

eContracts’ counter party management module lets management of vendor documents with milestones to track expiration and renewals. Contracts and obligations can be viewed at a counter party level with the additional ability to track vendor review and feedback documents.

3. Vendor Performance Tracking

View vendor milestones and obligations.

Track when contracts are coming up for renewal or expiration.